Traumatic Brain Injury

You've suffered a traumatic brain injury and are suffering from depression, reduced sex drive, fatigue, addiction and wondering how you can continue to live like this.

Your doctor has you on multiple drugs to help with mood, sleep, pain and addiction and you are NOT getting better. Not once has your  doctor dicussed hormone deficiencies as a result of your TBI.

If you're ready to get your life back, give Dr. Breen a call, and let him show you all the possibilities and options you have!

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56% of patients that suffer a traumatic brain injury have hormone deficiencies within the first three months.

Dr. Breen is member of the Millenium TBI network and proud provider for the Warrior Angels Foundation. He is an expert at treating the hormonal deficiencies that accompany traumatic brain injury. Whether you sustained a concussion from an IED in Iraq or from heading the ball on the soccer field, the majority of patients have hormonal deficiencies that create a non-neuropermissive environment which lead to all the symptoms you are experiencing.  We have found that by correctly identifying these hormone deficiencies we have been able to transition our patients off prescription drugs and give them their life back!

About Dr. Breen's Practice

Endorsed by Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers welcomed and featured Dr. Sean Breen in her latest book "I'm Too Young For This" and welcomed him into the Forever Health Network as a trusted expert in bio-identical hormones.

About Dr. Breen

 Dr. Sean Breen is board certified in Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative medicine and is recognized internationally as an expert in bio-idenitcal hormone replacement for men and women.

As a Lieutenant in the US Navy, he served in Iraq with 1st Bn 4th Mar and was awarded a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Valor for his actions in Iraq, April 8, 2003.

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